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Accurate Recognition of Mental States to Improve Speech Communication

Vokaturi visual presentation
Vokaturi visual presentation

The Vokaturi software reflects the state of the art in recognizing mental states and other categories from the human voice.

Vokaturi is a speech emotion recognition software company that uses a scientifically substantiated methodology to offer reliable interpretation, high accuracy of data output and recommendations to create real-time visibility of emotions in speech communication.

Mental States & More

In its off-the-shelf software, Vokaturi includes the recognition of five basic emotions: happy, sad, neutral, angry, scared.

The five basic emotions are often expressed in "lighter" versions, such as disappointment instead of sadness, or uncertainty instead of fear.

Want to know how we could tackle this distinction? or do you want to know how measuring other mental classes, such as the willingness to buy, could benefit your organization? Contact us now

"Drastically improve your customer satisfaction rate"

"You can finally measure sentiment accurately"


Vokaturi is safe to use with sensitive (personal) data.

  • The Vokaturi software works entirely off line, i.e. locally on your own computer, without having to call the Vokaturi team or even to access the internet at all.
  • Vokaturi collects none of your data (besides of course the contact details that we need to do business with you).

Our commitment to privacy and safety ties into the unique features of Vokaturi.

Unique Features

The unique features that sets Vokaturi apart from the rest

Real-time and Post Analysis

Off-the-shelf emotion recognition

Works offline (perfect for measuring sensitive data!)

Vokaturi software can be trained to measure custom classes

Marries sophisticated speech analysis techniques with custom deep neural networks


Human communication is not static... so why should communication with robots be?

Understanding human emotions is the basis to improving human-to-human communication. Knowing how to measure human emotions also forms the basis to increasing the ability of your robot to become a more empathic conversational partner.

Contact us to understand how we make robots interact more humanly!

"Increase the ability for your robot to become a more empathic conversational partner"


Vokaturi is used across various industries.

Vokaturi is the right tool for you if you want to improve your communication with people, build longer lasting (business) relationships and to establish more meaningful connections with people around you.

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Highlighted Use Cases

Artificial Intelligence

Vokaturi uses scientifically validated methodology to offer reliable interpretations and consistent real-time visibility of emotions in speech communication. Vokaturi measures the emotional aspects of speech irrespectively of their semantic content.

Vokaturi measures the emotional aspects of speech irrespective of the semantic contents. While humans can efficiently perform this task as a natural part of speech communication, the ability to conduct it automatically using programmable devices is still an ongoing subject of research.

Call Centers

Adequate handling of customer contacts is vital for the productivity of call centers. This requires, among other things, well-trained and professional employees who are able not only to speak to their customers, but also to understand and influence them.

In addition to being able to use prepared protocols, this also requires insight into how to deal with the variety of emotions during the conversation. Having insight into the course of the emotions during the conversation and realizing where in the conversation there really is an emotional connection between employee and customer can provide major benefits. This includes faster and better handling of questions and complaints, better sales through insight into willingness to buy and better overall customer loyalty. With Vokaturi's software, call centers are given the opportunity to increase their real-time insight into the course of emotions within customer conversations and thus realize demonstrable benefits.


Safety continues to play a very important role in the development towards the autonomous (truck) car of the future. How relevant is it to give the driver a relaxed and safe driving experience, in which he is and remains responsible for his own safety, the safety of passengers and the impact of his driving behavior on the environment.

Vokaturi's Speech Recognition software can be trained to identify signs of stress and fatigue at an early stage and determine whether the driver is under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Our software could be used to serve as a sensor for the systems built into the car to intervene by means of a warning and by positively influencing and offering action perspectives or critical intervention if necessary.

Safety & Security

Within the safety and security domain, there are various applications where insight into mental states and the course of emotions and the ability to deal with them adequately can play an important role in the daily operation of emergency services.

This includes, for example, conducting interrogations or conducting negotiations within the National Police, dealing with declarations and 112 reports, decision-making within stressful crisis teams and training counter-terror units or ambulance or operational teams of the fire service in incident response. Vokaturi's speech recognition software helps to further professionalize detection, effective deployment and assistance, and can be a valuable indicator in stress management and in helping to prevent or identify burnout or PTSD at an early stage.


A number of factors play an important role in the recruitment and selection of people for organizations. Does the candidate have the right knowledge and skills? Does the candidate fit into the culture of the organization? Does the person appear authentic, reliable and consistent in communication, attitude and behaviour?

Recruitment agencies and employers increasingly have various assessment tools at their disposal to support them in selecting and hiring candidates. Together with a leading AI Solutions company based in the U.S., we are developing a new assessment tool to select and hire candidates. Scientific minds from around the world aligned with a common purpose: drastically improve the selection and hiring process and to ensure fair and accurate and objective job evaluations. We integrate Artificial Intelligence into your Hiring processes from web-based video sessions of job candidates' that help discover and understand the emotional metrics behind the emotional behavior fingerprint of a set of candidates. Emotional states extraction from video, audio, and transcript files while answering questions is the core element of the State of the Art Technology with proven results.